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anthony marottoli national real estate investorTampa Bay Real Estate Investor, Anthony Marottoli Shows You How To Make MONEY with Bank Foreclosures and Flipping Homes

Make big ROI Now with Real Estate FLIPs

The current rising Real Estate market in the Tampa Bay area is ideal for cash investors to capitalize on the opportunity to earn Hugh ROI.. The climate is excellent to buy low, from the banks and sell high for a profit. Try to teach your stock Broker that formula but I bet he still doesn’t get it. Flipping houses has now come of age. Be aware, this is not a game for rookies or your wife’s cousin, part time Realtor at Coldwell Banker.

Understanding the current market, the ability to purchase at the right low price from the Banks and the wherewithal to resell at a profit, are the key elements to a $successful “Flip” formula. Cash investors need to partner with a Flip expert to make the formula work, with the Goal of double digit Return.

Many Bank Owned properties could be in a good location but have little appeal to the retail buyer or they are not able to get financing in their current condition. Why? Banks do not spend money to repair REOs. The home may need a roof or an entire kitchen. Landscaping may be overgrown, the pool is green, walls painted ugly colors. GREAT OPPORTUNITY for the Flip expert to present a low cash offer to the Bank.

We know what the property will sell for in the market, this is called Aster Repair Value. We know the cost to repair and cosmetically enhance the home. The key is to buy it at the right price to produce a nice profit. The correct purchase price actually produces the profit.

Look What One Of Our Past National Real Estate Investment Partners Had To Say….

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Posted on www.merchantcircle.com by Dr Jeff Mchone

For a Real Example….Click Here

Based on the example, we hope you checked it out, a $160,000 short term purchase should produce about $30,000 profit. The process takes about four months. So invest the same $160,000 three times in one year, that’s $90,000 profit. Not a bad ROI.

Use this website to check out every Bank Owned property in the Tampa Bay area. Visit often, it is updated daily. Contact Broker, Anthony Marottoli, “Your Flip Partner”, to set a meeting to discuss your Real Estate investment Goals. Contact us Now!

This Real Estate opportunity will not be around forever.

Profit in Bank Foreclosure$ Now

real estate investing-foreclosure-reoThere are three ways we can work together. I as your Broker act as your Buyer Agent and negotiate the best deal with the Bank. If you take the Banks final offer they pay my commission. After you repair the home, turn it back over to me to Sell it for you at our low 3.5% commission. Or, better yet, if you do not wish to get involved, I will use my skill and resources to get the home in marketable condition for you. I act as GC, pay the vendors, you reimburse me. You are completely “hands off“ no hassle on your part. I get the work done and manage the job. I receive 30% of the profit for this service at closing. The third way to participate is to loan your funds at 10% interest backed by a first mortgage. Contact us for more details.

reo=foreclosed homes-foreclosure-flipping housesContact us Today. I can only take on five new investors in 2014

Anthony Marottoli, Broker – “Your Flip Partner”
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