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Selling A House For Maximum Return

Are You Selling A House? Learn How SEL-FAST Discount Real Estate Broker will Put More Money in your Pocket!

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What You’ll learn About Selling Your House With A Real Estate Agent

  • How much experience should the ideal agent have
  • What a selling plan is
  • What are my “Guarantees”?
  • How long to commit your listing with one agent
  • Is it better to hire a large Real Estate broker or smaller?
  • And More…………

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Selling A House And Putting More Money In Your Pocket…

selling-a-houseMost home owners are under the assumption when selling a house if they choose to list their property with a Real Estate Agent or Realtor that they have to pay a high commission rate of 6%. That simply is not true.

You see the reason the rate is set at 6% is because the agent must place their license under a broker and then the selling agent and broker split the commission.

When you list with a discount broker like SEL-FAST we cut that commission to 3.5% when we sell your property.

When a buyer is out searching for homes for sale and contacts an agent that is not your listing agent then that agent is working for the buyer not the seller.

We will be working for you, the seller and your home will be placed in the same MLS listings available to every licensed agent in the area no matter who you list with.

So why not have your home listed and get the maximum exposure you possibly can with a broker that is going to work for you and save you over 50% in commissions?

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