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Short Sale My Home

Should I short sale my home to prevent foreclosure?

Current Real Estate Market

Unfortunately the severe drop in Real Estate values in the Tampa Bay Area has caused many homeowners like you to be underwater. That means your home value is less than you owe your Bank on your mortgage.

Can you afford to allow your Bank to Foreclose on you?

A Short Sale can be a great choice for those looking to avoid bankruptcy and keep the Bank from persuing you for a deficiency judgment.

Unable to refinance or obtain a loan modification?

As a result of sharply declining property values, many homeowners may be unable to qualify for a loan modification or refinance their existing mortgage. There are programs available for refinancing and modification, and these programs have different requirements for home values and income. Contact your lender for details. Keep in mind that when your monthly payment amount is adjusted, you will still be required to make payments on time.

Do you want to avoid repairing your home in order to sell?

Nothing is worse than spending money in order to sell a property just to lose money. We have the investors who can purchase properties in “as is” condition, saving you the hassle and financial burden required to sell your home with the traditional approach.

Do you need to sell relatively quickly to avoid Foreclosure?

Because of the current recession, there is an abundance of inventory for buyers to choose from. If you need to sell, you must set the price competitively and move quickly to position your home to sell rapidly. Although a short sale doesn’t happen overnight, they usually sell much faster than a regular MLS listing in today’s current market. We are licensed Real Estate Brokers members of the local MLS boards.

Why choose SEL-FAST REO Management

We are the BEST choice for selling your home in today’s complicated real estate market. Why choose us. SEL-FAST REO Management is one of the leading listing and selling Real Estate Firms in the Tampa Bay Area. We specialize in selling REOs for Banks. This experience has attracted dozens of ready Investors who can make an AS IS Cash offer to your Bank. We have a professional local Negotiating team who will not only take on the burden of dealing with your Bank but more importantly, see that your file is marked SATISFIED as AGREED. This means your Bank can not come after you for a Deficiency Judgment, the amount you owe vs. the net amount the Bank gets when they sell it.


All Realtor fees, commissions, and closing costs are paid for you by your bank when a successful SHORT SALE is completed. You can sell your home at no cost to you. A hassle free Closing will take place so you avoid the embarrassment and stigma of Foreclosure. Act now. Do not allow your Bank to be in control. We as licensed Realtors may be able to find you a New Home that is much moiré affordable

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